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The Benefits of Farmers Markets


Many of us love to go to local Farmers Markets. This is where our selling of coffee began. We were fortunate to get into the Groton City Farmer's market last summer at the beginning of July. We would go every Tuesday from 3pm to 6pm. As the summer continued, we learned more and more about our coffee, got to know our customers, and the importance of farmers markets in the community.

Farmers markets have become a crucial part of communities. They connect rural to urban, farmer to consumer, and fresh food into our diets. Farmers markets are becoming economic and community centerpieces in cities and towns around the county. Farmers markets provide opportunities for small farmers and businesses to sell their products, and in turn help meet the needs for locally produced food. For many, small farmers markets have turned into a social event where patrons come on a weekly basis. Businesses that surround farmers markets also benefit from the additional foot traffic that the market brings.

The Groton City Farmers Market has truly met the needs of the importance of Farmers Markets. When we first started in the City of Groton, there were 6 vendors, us being one. By the end of the summer as well as the indoor ones during the winter, there were over 12 vendors and it is continuing to grow. We are honored to now be a staple at the market. There are many customers that come each week to get their fix of coffee for home as well as cold brew or pour over. To me the top four reasons for going to a Farmers Market for coffee is the following.

  1. The market allows you to smell aromas of the fresh coffee beans.

  2. Knowing where the coffee comes from and when it was roasted.

  3. Enjoying the food of the season.

  4. Connecting with the community.

One of the exciting parts about when we go to the farmers market is the buckets of whole bean coffee that we bring with us. Most people have never smelled fresh roasted coffee and understand the aromas that the beans produce. My favorite part is when a customer smiles from ear to ear with excitement because they can smell the different flavors and they can choose their coffee based on the smells. Some of the coffees are chocolate flavored, some are fruity, some are earthy, and some are nutty. We also grind the coffee directly on site so it is the freshest grind you can get. Many of our customers come thinking that they will purchase one type and leave buying something different that they had never tried. We also bring our pour over and cold brew so people can have a fresh cup while they shop. The cold brew is always our Vulcan Death Watch and the pour over varies depending on the time of year.

We only bring the freshest coffee with us and can explain when and how we roasted it. Every bag has a roasted date and is best consumed fresh within 2 months for maximum flavor. We roast some to medium, and some to medium dark roast. We explain what the different roasts allow the beans to do and all the flavors that come with that type of bean. We share the different regions and farms that the beans come from. There is a connection between the region, altitudes, and the drying process, which allows us to know the best way to roast the individual types.

There is nothing better than a fresh piece of fruit or produce that has not been processed in a store. The smells as the vendors as they open the truck backs and unload the produce and flowers is a glorious smell. There is nothing better than get fresh produce, flowers, meats, fish, breads, and the list goes on of the fresh products at the markets. The food at our house never lasts that long because the freshness is what everyone loves. The colors, the smell, and the touch can not be duplicated in a store. We enjoy sharing our products with other vendors and do a good old bartering sysytem.

The sense of community that grows in the attendance of the farmers market each week is exciting to watch. There are the regulars, as well as the new customers, that come each week with smiles and excitement to see the products available. One of the greatest assets I have is I can remember faces and names. One of the perks from teaching for over 24 years. Our customers love when they arrive and the coffee is already been made for cold brew and the bag of coffee is already set for pick up. We pride ourselves on the best customer service there is around. We make it so easy to get your coffee either on site at one of the markets, pre ordering on the webpage, or picking delivery and it is at your doorstep waiting for you.

To all our customers, present and new, the Groton City Farmers market is launching on July 6th from 3pm till 6pm. We are also part of Healthy Planeat that has picks up on Saturdays in Niantic at 10 am, Middletown at 1 and Fisher's Island ferry on Wednesday at 10. The Waterford Farmers market is Saturdays starting June 19th from 10am till 1pm. There are so many ways to get our awesome coffee as well as support the local community. See you all this summer enjoying the best things that a Farmers market has to offer.

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