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Bring back coffee dates and marching bands!

Can you remember the last time you setup a coffee date, relaxing in a comfy chair, listening to some jazz, and sipping a beautifully prepared drink? When is the last time you went somewhere to listen to some live music, see a parade, or hear a marching band? You are a human being, missing human interactions, and it has been a long time, over a year. Live music has a way of bringing people together and your body releases hormones

having a variety of responses from the brain. I remember being at the Garde art theater in New London, CT listening to a live symphony and I got goose bumps all up and down my back to a piece of the music. It is truly an amazing, healing process music gives you.

Coffee has a similar effect on your mind and body. You wake up, make some coffee, or require your cup before you can interact with the known world. That first cup always seems the best one of the day. The smells and aromas of bakers chocolate, blueberries, and cherries. I like to let the cup cool down a bit before the first taste, but it is worth it. The smoothness wrapped in a full bodied coffee is delicious and instantly I feel ready to take on the world. Your afternoon cup of coffee has the effect to get you over the afternoon slump. The flavors and experience is close to the first cup but I find myself having lingering thoughts of that first cup in the morning.

The country is starting to open back up, our children are getting ready to go back to school in person 4 days a week, but times are still somewhat confusing. How can you keep those good feeling hormones pumping through the body while the world seems in a constant state of chaos? Well, we found a way you can get our beautiful coffee and support our Fitch High School music program.

Absolute Bearing Coffee Company is teaming up with the Fitch Music Boosters for a coffee fundraiser. 40% of all sales from Friday March 12th 2021 to Friday April 9 2021 go directly to the Music program at Fitch High School. Buy our delicious coffee, enjoy that first cup experience, and know you are helping one of the best music programs in New England.

Maybe you do not want to purchase coffee. Then go the website menu, Fundraising page and donate directly to the music program through the DONATE button. 100% of donated money goes directly to the music program, we do not receive any of that money. Or, do both and boost that dopamine level.

Get out there, away from the four walls we have all called our quarantine during this past year. Take a walk outside and notice our beautiful world continues to move forward. Then, bring back the coffee dates and marching bands!

Jonathan Lambert


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